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Sephora Favorites

The best beauty and skincare products at Sephora right now.

Today I wanted to share some beauty + makeup products I’ve been loving lately from Sephora!

These are things I gravitate more towards when I’m doing my make-up, getting ready for the day or when I’m applying my skincare routines. Since I’ve had a bit more time on my hands lately to try these out, I thought you may want to do the same.

Here’s what I’m loving…

Cream Bronzer

This bronzer is the perfect shade for me—and a little goes a long way. I think it’s the perfect spring into summer bronzer!! It’s also great for contouring!

Glowscreen SPF40 Sunscreen

This is one of my favorite brands for sunscreen and skin protection!! I apply it as the very last step in my morning skincare routine for a light tint and glow… but with all the protection! It’s a perfect primer to go under your make-up.

GOOPGlow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator

You won’t believe how good this exfoliator is! I think it’s a new product but I’ve been using this in my skincare routine a lot more lately… about 2-3x a week… and it makes my skin so much softer and smoother for days.

Drunk Elephant Resurfacing Duo

I love these two products together! I do a pump of each and combine them together in the palm of my hand before applying! Super hydrating and perfect to apply at night! 

Buff Blend Brush

Do you like to apply your foundation with a beauty blender or brush?! I’m a brush girl—always have been, always will be—but this brush is perfect for buffing out your foundation nice and smoothly. I love it! 

Pumpkin Enzyme Dermal Resurfacing Mask

A facial mask I’m loving right now is this pumpkin enzyme resurfacing mask. I have very dry and textured skin at times so I need this every once in a while to just scrub away all the dead skin and dullness. It works miracles to resurface the skin and is quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to masks. 

Tatcha Lip Mask

Have you ever tried a lip mask? If not, this is THE ONE to fall in love with. It doesn’t get too sticky but it’s thick enough that it lasts a long time. It’s a definite must first thing the morning and before going bed for a perfectly hydrated, glossy lip! 

Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner Set

I’ve been using this shampoo for a few weeks now and really love it. Not only does it smell amazing but my hair looks and feels so strong and healthy! This set actually comes with a hair perfume/mist—which, yep, also smells sooo good!! I spray this in my hair after I get out of the shower if I DIDN’T wash my hair (because I only wash my hair about once a week) and it gives me a good after-shower smell for my hair.

Marc Jacobs Coconut Gel Highlighter + Primer

I’ve been wanting to try these for over a year and never gave in until now—and I’m SO glad I did. If you love a dewy hydrated + highlighted look, then these are perfect!! Especially for spring and summer for a natural glow. 

Double Ended Liquid Eyeliner + Pencil

A little confession: I’m not that great at putting on eyeliner. That’s why this eyeliner is perfect for me. First I apply it using the roll-up applicator end; then I go in and make a clean line with the liquid side! It doesn’t smear or fade all day long!! Definitely highly recommended!

Fenty Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

This is absolutely the most used palette for me!! I love it so much. I use every shade in the palette because it truly has all the shades I love to wear for almost any occasion! Plus, it’s perfect for travel as well since it’s super small to fit in any make-up bag.

Small Slipsilk Scrunchies

I love these hair ties for three reasons: they hold your hair in tight, without slipping down or getting loose; they also hold a bun in place effortlessly; and finally, when your hair is straight they don’t leave a crease at all! I use them every night to keep my hair in place without feeling like it’s being pulled too tightly from a rubberband.

Whirl Trio Wand

Love this wand! I typically stick with the 1″ barrel for a perfect loose curl or wave and it’s been my favorite for the past couple of years.

Better Than Sex Mascara

I am OBSESSED with this mascara, I love it so much. The brush completely fans out all the lashes so they don’t clump together at all. It makes them look effortlessly dramatic, which is perfect especially on a night out. 

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

This is my all-time favorite setting spray because it WORKS. If you want your makeup to stay in place all day and night… this is the one!

Jet Lag Mask

I’ve been using this mask for a couple of years now as my go-to. It has everything you need in it to make your skin vibrant, healthy and beautiful.

BONUS! Sephora’s Big Sale Starting THIS Weekend!

Rouge Members — 20% off entire purchase
April 17-May 1

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You can also go onto Sephora to sign up and still get the 10% off.

What’s your favorite Sephora purchase? Is there anything I’m missing out on? Let me know in the comments below!

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Netflix + Chill: Outfits and Shows I’m Bingeing

most comfortable loungewear sets for women.

I know I’m not the only one who has been BINGE-WATCHING show after show with all this time on our hands due to the Coronavirus. Admittedly, it’s probably TOO MUCH, but it helps to pass the time when stuck in quarantine.

And if we’re going to be Netflix and chilling so much… we might as well be comfortable while doing it!

This is my FAVORITE lounge set ever!

See What Else I’ve Been Living In Lately…

Want to know the shows we’re loving right now , too?

Siesta Key

OMG, hands down one of the best reality shows I’ve watched in a while! The drama and love triangles are crazy… and you can’t help but to watch. You can catch it on MTV.

Love is Blind

I’m sure most of you have probably already watched this on Netflix but if not, do yourself and tune in. It’s entertainment for sure.

Tiger King

Well this was quite a surprise for everyone, right? If you’re the ONE person in the world who hasn’t seen it yet, just dive in. There’s really no way to describe what you’re about to watch, so you just have to experience it for yourself!

Gossip Girl

This is my all-time binge-worthy girly show… and I’ve watched it over 47568459 times!!


Season 3 just came out on Netflix and it couldn’t be better timing! The hubby and I love Jason Bateman in everything… but this show is unlike anything he usually does. It’s suspenseful, dark, and all around great. We love it and you will too.

Real Housewives

Again, I love a good reality show and RH never fails!!! My favorites are Beverly Hills, OC, and New York!! Do you have a favorite? I’d love to know.

The Stranger

This show was actually created by one of Mike’s favorite authors, Harlan Coban. It’s on Netflix in its first season and we are loving it.

Good Girls

In its third season already, Good Girls is just a good old fashioned comedy sitcom on NBC. Always makes us laugh and totally worth catching up on.

Temptation Island

So good if you love those Bachelor franchise / love story kind of shows… and trust me, it gets juicy!

Are you watching any must-see shows that I skipped above? Let me know in the comments… I have a feeling we’ll have plenty of time to find a new favorite!

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How I Workout at Home

I get asked a lot about what my workout plan is and how I stay motivated. Truthfully, most of the time I don’t have a plan and I’m truly not always motivated to workout.

For me, it’s all about remembering why I’m working out in the first place… in other words, the end goal. I really didn’t workout much throughout my pregnancy so I’m really just trying to gain my strength back and get my body moving daily.

With everyone stuck in the house right now, we essentially have two options: fall into a rut or use the time we have to move our bodies.

For me, I know that now more than ever, I do have the time and it actually helps to calm my anxiety. In the long run, I know I’ll thank myself later for choosing to workout.

People like to make excuses about why they can’t workout—either at home or because their gym is closed—but the honest truth is you actually don’t need a single piece of equipment or that much space to get a good sweat in.

Here are some AT HOME programs and workouts I use that are truly amazing workouts! Some of these apps I do pay for monthly or annually but if you look, there are plenty of free options, too.

Ultimately, these are still more affordable than a personal trainer or gym membership—and you can do them all from the comfort of your home, any time you want!

My Favorite At-Home Workouts






What You Need to Workout From Home







What Can You Use At Home?

Believer it or not, you have plenty to use right at home, too. For moms, use your toddler or baby to lift above your head, get down on the floor, or use a chair/ sofa for dips and leg lifts. Cardio? Take a walk or run around the neighborhood with the whole family!

I would love to know how you are staying active during quarantine, too. If you’re not already, I hope this has given you the inspiration to get started today!

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How to Enhance Your Morning Smoothie

Superfood spinach and protein green smoothie.

Lately, I’ve been really interested in Dr. Josh Axe and his healthy lifestyle habits. His methods and knowledge of natural medicine and nutrition have really intrigued me, inspiring me to be even more health-conscious in my life.

I really love making smoothies—especially before or after a workout—and I’ve been making my morning smoothies based on his methods.

If you’re trying to pack in a lot of nutrients into your morning smoothie, this is the one to get the job done. By adding collagen, antioxidants, protein, and healthy fats, you get everything you need in one drink to get your day started and keep you full for a while!

Superfood spinach and collagen protein-rich green smoothie.

Here’s what I like to add to my morning smoothies—and why it’s good for the body…


I add blueberries to my smoothies for antioxidants which improves your overall health and helps fight against diseases or cancers. Any berry will give you the antioxidant power punch you’re looking for, or you can try adding beetroot, apples or plums.

Collagen and/or Bone Broth Powder

Collagen is a protein in the body that strengthens the structure of your hair, skin, and nails. Adding it into smoothies is like a boost of youth, so if you ask me, the more the better! Right now I just add it to my smoothies but with all of the amazing benefits, I would love to learn more about making my own bone broth in the future.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats such as coconut milk and avocado keep you full longer and provide more energy throughout the day. Plus it’s great to keep your cholesterol levels low.

Leafy Greens

Obviously we’ve all heard from a young age to “eat our veggies”—and now we know why. Leafy greens, in particular, are packed with vitamins (A, C, K, and folate), antioxidants, minerals (iron and calcium, and fiber. It’s so easy to throw a handful of spinach into my smoothie, knowing I’m getting all of those nutrients!


Because cinnamon can mimic the effects of insulin, it actually helps to keep my blood sugar levels balanced. Plus it reduces heart disease risks and is just plain good for overall health.


I love bananas for my fiber! Fiber is essential for keeping everything moving inside our bodies for healthier digestive systems while keeping us fuller longer. Like cinnamon, fiber is also good for keeping blood sugar levels in check.

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The Busy Mom’s Self-Care Guide

Practice self-care to help your body and mind relax and renew.

It’s no secret, I’m all about a healthy amount of self-care! It’s how I stay sane as a mom—and human being—and I believe it’s needed for EVERYONE! And I can’t think of a better time for a little self-care than right now with everything going on everyone being stuck inside.

I find that when I look and feel good by doing things that are great for me, I’m a much happier, energetic, and fun mom for my babies.

These are some of the ways I love to practice self-care (some daily and some weekly).

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee In the Morning (While It’s Still Hot!)

The quiet alone time in the morning before everyone else wakes up really helps me start my day off right. I’m able to clear my mind and get a happy headstart to the day!

My Coffee Maker

My Favorite Necklace

The Coziest Robe EVER!

Reading + Journaling

Another one of my favorite things about the morning time is just getting a positive word in to start my day. Putting pen to paper to get all my thoughts, prayers and to-do lists for the day out of my head is one of my favorite things! And I find that writing it down (and then crossing it off) helps to get more done and feel accomplished.

Take a Hot Bath

Light a candle, put on some music and sit back—this is such a great way to relax after a long day.

Enjoy a Pamper Session

Let’s be honest, when you look good, you feel good! That’s why I always remember to take the time to go get my nails done, do my at-home laser hair removal, groom the brows, do an extra face mask, whiten my teeth or derma plane! All of these things I love doing to help me feel my best.

IPL Treatment

Face Mask 

Tinkle Razors 

Facial Steamer 

Teeth Whitening Strips 

Get In a Workout

No matter what I make sure to get my weekly workouts in—and no matter what we have going on that week or even if I have to do them with my babies right by my side—I honestly never regret it. Working out makes me feel so much better, physically and mentally. And especially when I’m working towards a goal, you can bet I make sure to get it in!

2-5 Pound Hand Weights

Resistance Bands 

Yoga Mat 

Ankle Weights

Water Bottle 

Listen to a Podcast

I love listening to super positive, motivational or informative podcasts to get the day started or while driving, cleaning, or on the treadmill. A few of my favorites are The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, The Tony Robbins Podcast, Dr. Josh Axe Show, & The Rise Together Podcast. I think it’s a great way to practice self-care for the mind. There are so many more, so you can find one that fits your interests or goals but here are a few links to start…

Tony Robbins’ Podcast 

Skinny Confidential Podcast

Rise Together Podcast

Organize Your Space

Finally, I love to tackle organizational projects. With all the extra time on our hands… spring cleaning to be done… now is the perfect time. Not only do I think the process itself is therapeutic but a cleaner space just helps you to feel so much better once it’s done, too! I prefer to take everything out, get rid of what I don’t need, and then organize what’s left into containers or display accordingly.

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Best Things to Buy On Amazon


If you know me, you know I buy mostly everything I own online. It’s just easier for me and I’m bound to find what I’m looking for more often online than when I’m in stores.

It’s not uncommon for people to ask, “where did you get this?”“where did you get that?!”

9 times out of 10 it’s AMAZON!!

So I thought it was a perfect time to do an Amazon favorites post of everything I love. These are things I reorder time and time again because they’re truly my favorite things, easy to order and delivered straight to my doorstep in no time!

There’s no specific category these are just things all around the board:
household, beauty, health and wellness, travel, you name it!! Oh, and PS: there’s a giveaway at the bottom… want to win an Amazon gift card to kickstart your next order? Check below for that!


Velvet Hangers
This way your clothes don’t slip off and fall all over your closet floor. Finally, they make the closet look more organized!

Milk Frother
I use this every morning to make my coffee nice and foamy on top.

Folex Carpet Spot Remover 
This stuff is pure MAGIC for cleaning rugs and furniture—it has gotten rid of every stain I’ve ever had.

Baby Play Mat 
Perfect for letting the little ones explore and play on the floor… and soft enough, they’ll actually enjoy belly time!

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors
I use these weekly to dermaplane my own face… I can’t live without these!

Tyler Glamorous Laundry Detergent
I use it for our towels & linens because it SMELLS AMAZING and LASTS FOREVER! 

Big Crystal Diamond Pens
How adorable are these diamond pens?! It doesn’t hurt that they write perfectly, too!

Jade Roller
I use this as part of my morning skincare routine to reduce puffiness—and I’m telling you, it works!

LV Designer Dupe Make Up Bags
Obsessed with these dupes!! They hold so much stuff and are of great quality. I use them for my makeup and toiletries when traveling.

Luggage Cubes
Great for keeping your clothes sorted and your suitcase organized while traveling!! I don’t go anywhere without these!

Collagen/Bone Broth Protein
So great for you!! I use these daily in my smoothies!

Never Full Purse Organizer
Ideal for keeping your purse, diaper bag or tote organized.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool
LOVE using this to clean my makeup brushes!

Tom Ford Coffee Table Book and Chanel Coffee Table Book
I am OBSESSED with these fashion coffee table books! They’re so sleek, chic, and match in almost any room!

Ariah’s iPad Case
We couldn’t live without this iPad cover! Perfect for kids no matter how many times they drop it, it will not break or crack!

Riki Mirror
THE BEST MAKEUP MIRROR EVER!!! The lighting is incredible and you can see EVERYTHING!

Collagen Peptides
I put these in my smoothies… and sometimes even in my coffee… because they’re so good for you and you don’t even know it’s there.

Keto Diet Book
This book has taught me so much about health and dieting, I honestly can’t recommend it enough. While I’m not on a Keto diet, the information and expertise of Dr. Josh Axe has been incredible to learn and adapt to my own lifestyle.

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Follow these rules to enter…

  2. Subscribe to my blog (Over there —–>> on the right-hand side!)
  3. Leave a comment on THIS blog post about one of your favorite Amazon purchases!
  4. Tag a friend in the comments on my latest IG photo!
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Date Night Ideas + Our Wedding Night Revisited

Mike Evans, Ashli Evans Wedding

Since our anniversary is coming up tomorrowand Valentine’s Day is one day later… I wanted to share a quick recap from our wedding four years ago—it’s definitely a day we will never forget.

I don’t think our family and friends will forget it any time soon, either!

If you’ve never read our love story—or just want to reminisce with us—check out the wedding posts linked below.

Our LOVE Story… From the Beginning

Our Wedding Day Part I

Our Wedding Day Part II

Top Date Night Ideas:

  • Netflix + Chill + Wine
  • Couples Spa Day + Massage
  • Go See a Concert
  • The Classic Dinner + Movie
  • Cook Together (Try something new or maybe even take a cooking class together.)
  • Workout Together
  • Mani/ Pedi’s
  • Attend An Event Together
  • Get Competitive and Play a Game (Or do something like bowling, batting cages, mini-golf, etc.)
  • Visit a Winery

Looking for great date night outfits? Check out some of my favorite looks…


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Amari’s Birth Story

Where do I even begin?!

First off, I hope everyone is enjoying 2020 so far! We are definitely loving it now that baby boy is here to share in everything! We couldn’t be happier to have welcomed our son Amari Thomas Evans on 12/28/19… just in time to ring in the New Year!

Officially born December 28th, 2019 at 4:58 AM at 7lbs 14oz and 19in long.

My Labor Experience…

My due date was actually 1/1/2020 so we had been anticipating his arrival for weeks and all throughout the holidays! At 38 weeks I was really starting to feel like any day was the day!

I was slowing down a lot and it was getting harder to stand up for long periods of time. I began getting cramps and could tell he was definitely getting lower. At that week’s appointment I was between 3-4cm dilated!!

When I went back a week later after Christmas I was still 4cm a long so they decided to strip my membrane. After that I was having consistent contractions that evening for about three hours. They were between 4-5 minutes apart and occasionally between 2-3 minutes apart, so I knew we were getting close! I kept counting and timing my contractions and even though they weren’t painful, they were consistent, so I decided it was time to go to the hospital.

After monitoring me—and making me walk the halls for almost two hours—I was 6cm and it was time for me to be checked into labor and delivery!! At this point I was pretty calm for a couple of hours and then all of a sudden the contractions just starting hitting me like crazy!!

I didn’t even want them to check to see how far along I was, I just knew I was ready for the epidural—no if’s, and’s or but’s about it!!!

I was in so much pain—way worse than what I remember with Ariah.

After the epidural, I was already at 9-10cm but my water hadn’t broken yet so I was laying on each side for a little while at a time and then my water finally broke.

It was time to have a baby!!

The doctor arrived and it was time to start pushing. This part is when it gets kind of blurry and you’re just ready for everything to be over!! I don’t remember exactly how long I pushed but it wasn’t that long. It got scary though because his vitals were getting really low. It turns out the cord was wrapped around his neck so they had to take extra precautions.

As a mother, all you want is to have a safe delivery for your baby, so this was really upsetting! Finally he was out but his face was completely blue from the cord and everything he had just been through.

And then I heard it… his first cry. As soon as I heard him cry I started bawling. He was completely fine and it was such a relief to have it all over with and to finally bring him into the world!!!

It’s literally the craziest thing ever in life but once your baby is born, it’s so worth everything you’ve been through and nothing else in the world matters! It’s truly a beautiful thing.

Out of the Hospital…

It was the sweetest thing ever when each of the girls got to meet their baby brother for the first time. They couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear—and I think Ariah was genuinely shocked to see him actually here and not in my belly anymore!! HA!

I am currently breastfeeding and it is going great so far!! He eats basically every hour at the moment unless he’s sleeping. If he’s sound asleep, he can go about 2-3 hours max between feedings. I was not this lucky with Ariah since she had such a hard time latching. But not this little guy. He latched right away in the hospital and we haven’t had any issues since so it’s going well so far! 

Sleeping isn’t so bad right now, either. I’ll admit, sometimes he’s spoiled and just wants to be held… but I don’t mind. He also loves to sleep in his DockATot since it’s so comfortable.

I am so grateful to have the help of our family all around us. It has been a great couple of weeks at home relaxing with loved ones and spending quality time together, soaking up all the new moments as they come! Now we are looking forward to packing up and heading to Texas for the off-season—and I can’t wait for the rest of our friends and family to meet our little guy!!! 

As for what we’re using these days, I did a post a while back on my newborn essentials with Ariah, and truthfully, not much has changed. 

These are some of my go-to’s for life with a newborn… or if you’re looking for a gift to give a new mom. I highly suggest any of these!


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Crock-Pot Chicken Chili

Homemade crock-pot chicken chili is the easiest on the go meal for comfort food or cold nights.

There’s nothing like a hot bowl of spicy chili this time of year.

Then again, it’s also the perfect meal for busy, on-the-go nights.

Or for football parties so everyone can dig in.

In fact, this was SUCH A HIT with our family that we finished TWO crock-pot fulls over the weekend—and I have a feeling my Crock-Pot Chicken Chili will become your new favorite recipe, too!

To get started, assemble your ingredients and grab your crockpot.

This can also be made on a stove (but then you can’t set it and forget it) or in an Instant Pot if you’re really short on time!

This is the traditional chili flavor trifecta… but for this one we’re going to add a little extra kick with the Ranch and White Chicken Chili seasoning packets!

You can use any level of heat you want with your tomatoes and green chilies. I love HOT but spice it to your family’s preferences.

First add your chicken breasts to the bottom of the crock-pot. Next add your beans, corn, and tomatoes.

This recipe is honestly so easy that it takes 10-15 minutes tops to gather everything, open and rinse your beans and corn and dump everything in.

Then your spices…

Pour in your chicken broth and add your cream cheese…

And give it a good mix to incorporate…

Then set it for 6-8 hours on LOW… or 3-4 hours on HIGH. And wait… it’ll be worth it!

When it’s done, spoon it into your bowl, add a little fresh cilantro if you want and top with the Fritos for a salty crunch!

Pin the Full Recipe Below!

Homemade crock-pot chicken chili is the easiest on the go meal for comfort food or cold nights.