Are you ready to talk all things wedding fashion + style?

While every part of our wedding will always hold a special place in my heart- and truly we were blessed to have an out of this world celebration- I have to admit, I’m SO excited to talk about the fashion!

But let’s save the dress for last…


Starting with our groomsmen, we headed to Men’s Wearhouse where the guys found beautiful suits in the Joseph Abound Collection. What was perfect for them was that they were able to be fully customizable, and so Mike- and each of his groomsmen- were fitted exactly to their different body types.

But best of all? They each had their nicknames and jacket linings customized to their liking… giving them each their own personal style!

I definitely had a back + forth struggle trying to pick the bridesmaids colors at first. While I won’t even begin to tell you some of my original ideas (trust me, I’m doing you a favor) I will say that I ended up choosing something that was flattering and timeless for my gorgeous bridesmaids… and thankfully, I don’t think I’ll hate it when I look back 10 years from now! In the end, we went with an Alfred Angelo dress from David’s Bridal, and just look at how beautiful these ladies are…

Oh… our beautiful flower girl.

I knew I wanted the perfect dress for Mackenzie because this day was just as special for her as it was for us. Thankfully, we found it rather easily: I was meeting with Nadine from Who Made the Cake when I saw picture after picture of her adorable daughters in these amazing feather dresses. Nadine raved about Melissa Jane Designs and after looking at her site we knew it was exactly what we were looking for. Of course Mackenzie’s dress- with rhinestones, lace and feathers- was dramatic and beautiful, but when she spun in it for the first time, she thought she was a princess and THAT made it so much better!

Two things I know for sure ladies…

One: no one ever wants to spend the whole night in high heels… and two: moms are always right! My mom had the best idea to provide all of the female guests with “Rescue Flats” that are the most adorably simple flat to keep dancing the night away in. By the end of the night, almost every lady at the party- myself included- had on a pair of them… what a lifesaver!

Speaking of shoes… I’m in LOVE with my wedding day Jimmy Choo’s! I wasn’t 100% sure which brand or designer to go with in the beginning, but I did know it had to be comfortable! Between you + I, my biggest fear was slipping while walking down the aisle, so this was a BIG deal.

I tried on everything from Louboutin’s to Valentino’s, but finally fell in love with my Jimmy Choo’s! Not only did they look fantastic, but truly, they were the most comfortable shoe I tried on all day.

Lucky for me my amazing hair stylist in Houston, Vincent, referred me to his friend Caroline, who was a talented wedding hairstylist. Caroline worked for a company called Blush + Co. (also out of Houston) and their specialty was wedding hair + makeup. I knew I wanted something down- but to the side– and with soft curls that would stay out of my face for most of the night… and Caroline did just that! Then she went on to work her magic for my entire bridal party!

For my makeup, I turned to Alaina from The Color Du Jour, who is super well known on Instagram for her work. Funny enough, she was local, so we met to do the trial run for the big day and I absolutely fell in love with the look she gave me.

We went with softer pink tones for the eye with a light pink/ nude lip… and it was perfect. On the day of the wedding, she flawlessly glammed up myself, my mother and mother-in-law, all the grandmas and a few bridesmaids- just the way I had envisioned it. Blush + Co. stepped in and perfected the makeup for the rest of the bridal party because again… it was quite a few!

And finally… the dress.

The one thing I had been thinking about since I was a little girl…

The dress that truly makes you a bride…

And what I would be wearing when Mike saw me walking down the aisle for the first time…

 It had to be perfect.

By April of 2015, I knew it was time to start searching and so with an idea already in mind- but totally open to suggestions- I made an appointment at Mia Bridal Couture. Coincidentally my appointment happened to be on the same day as a trunk show for couture designer Alon Livne… and wouldn’t you know every dress I was picking out was from that designer.

Every dress was SO stunning- and exactly the style I was going for.

So I tried on the first dress and just… loved it. Absolutely everything about it, I loved.

My mom and Grandma both kept asking, “but what is the ONE thing you don’t like about this dress?” and honestly I could think of nothing.

But you never buy your first dress right?

So I kept trying on other dresses- gorgeous dresses- but nothing struck me like that very first one. Finally, after going back to it time and time again, I just KNEW it had to be the one.

The detailing, the style… it was all so ME + everything I wanted Mike to see me walking down the aisle in.

My dream dress.