Hey everyone! Today I put together a gift guide for the girl who loves to be home- cozy and comfortable- in her own space!

I’ll admit, I am very much a homebody myself! I love to be home cuddled up watching one of my favorite shows or relaxing in a hot bubble bath. With an almost (how is that possible?) one year old, we do spend a lot of time at home keeping her on as much of a routine as possible!

With the holiday season fast approaching, I put together a post of some of my favorite gifts to get just about anyone on your list- but especially for the ultimate homebody!


One of the first things I do in the morning is light my candles around the house. There’s just something about the smell and aroma in the room that puts me in a good mood- and starts the day off right!

Laundry Detergent – Tyler’s Candle Company

Okay, so this laundry detergent is something I love to splurge on OCCASIONALLY. I use it for my sheets and towels more than anything else because they leave the room spelling amazing literally until it’s time to wash them again! It smells so amazing and is a must-get gift!


I definitely wear my slippers while walking around the house while I’m home all day because why not be comfortable and cozy… even while chasing a baby, right? These are such a great gift for someone that’s home a lot too- or even needs them after a long day. Don’t forget: slippers tend to rip and fray with a lot of wear + tear, so your loved ones probably need a new pair (or two!)

Cozy Robe

There is just something about throwing on a cozy robe first thing in the morning, isn’t there? Especially with the cooler (or maybe colder where you are) months setting in, I can’t think of a better way to wake up and drink your coffee- it’s just so comfortable and warm! A must-have for EVERY homebody!

Face Mask

Easy to put on before bed or just when you’re relaxing around the house- this is hands down one of my favorite, hydrating face masks! Who doesn’t like to get pampered every now and then?

Coffee Mugs

In my house, coffee mugs are probably the most-used dishes- and these are a couple cute ones I found that would make the perfect gifts for all your coffee loving friends.

Cozy Blanket

I have so many blankets around my house because anytime I’m just relaxing on the couch, I have to throw a blanket over me. Yes, I am that friend that is ALWAYS cold- but in my opinion, you can never go wrong with a soft, warm blanket.

Bath Bombs

Have you tried Bath Bombs yet!? These are amazing + smell so good when you’re trying to have a relaxing bath. They’re the perfect addition to any gift for friends and family!

Coffee Maker

My mom actually got me this coffee maker a couple of years ago, and I have used pretty much every day since! It’s super easy to use: just pop your K-Cup pods in and you’re good to go. So quick and easy- another great gift for your coffee loving friends… especially the ones always on the move.

Wine Glasses

You can probably never have too many wine glasses on hand… especially for an impromptu girls night! And these ones are perfect for every day use: no stems to break, sturdy and adorable!