As some of you know, I recently turned 25… a whole quarter into life… and it feels so great!
I feel so blessed to see another day and to be happy, healthy and loving life! 

  1. Nothing happens overnight—your dreams, your weight loss goals—everything takes time. Stick with it and with time, consistency and dedication it’s all possible. 
  2. Home Ownership Is a Full-Time Job
  3. It’s OK to Feel Like You’re Changing… It’s Called Evolving!!
  4. If you want to eat clean and stay on track, it helps to eat at home! Prepping and cooking your own meals makes all the difference. Even if life gets hectic—and I know it does—it’s worth it in the end to stay on track.
  5. Big or Small, ALWAYS Give Thanks to Those Around You
  6. Read/ watch/ listen to something that inspires you Take it upon yourself to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible.
  7. Live For YOU!
  8. We’re not getting any younger, so workout now! A daily sweat session will make you feel better.
  9. Listen More Than You Speak
  10. Communication Is the Key to Any Healthy Relationship
  11. Staying organized and having a calendar is a must to know exactly what you need to get done that day or week. It will help you stay on track and get things done way more efficiently. 
  12. NOW Is the Time to Travel
  13. Always be ready and willing to learn new things. I like to be open to learning different skill sets, workouts, things going on in the world, so I continue to broaden my horizons. 
  14. Sometimes You Just Have to Let Things Go
  15. Live in the moment. Put down your phone, laugh more, enjoy the people around you and simply, live for the moments right now! 
  16. Let Go of What You Can’t Control
  17. Plan For the Future
  18. Learn to Say NO—And Not Feel Bad About It
  19. In a social media focused world, it’s easy to compare yourself to others but you should be proud to be who you are. Start seeing the good in yourself, know your worth and stop comparing because there’s only one you… and that’s a GREAT thing!
  20. Believe That You Deserve The Best Out of Life
  21. Have Gratitude For Life
  22. You Can’t Please Everyone… So Prioritize Those In Your Life
  23. No One Understands the Love and the Stress of a Mother Until You Become One
  24. My Mom Was Right About EVERYTHING
  25. Trust Your Instincts EVERY Time