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Everyday Jewelry I’m Loving

I bet I’m not the only one that loves a great piece of jewelry, right?

The perfect piece simply completes any outfit… and it can take anything you’re wearing from every day casual to show-stopping WOW!

Everyday I pretty much wear the same base pieces: my wedding ring (of course!), a necklace, bracelet, and watch <<— Without them I actually feel kind of naked.┬áMy absolute favorite watch is silver AND gold, so no matter what I’m wearing that day, I feel like it’s a perfect match.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite pieces… and if you’re in the market to create your own jewelry collection, I know you’ll find a few pieces you love to get started! All of these you can wear everyday and mix and match- and a lot of them can be layered and all worn together.

I also added some super cute statement earrings on here because I think they’re essential to spice up any basic outfit every day of the week.

The silver and gold bangles I’m wearing are all from Styled Collection…






Statement Earrings

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