Coconut Oil Is One of the All-Time Natural Best Beauty Secrets

We’ve touched on this in my beauty tips before, but today I’m showing you ALL the ways I use coconut oil.

To me, it feels like one of those super secret weapons that everyone should know about. I keep jars of coconut throughout my house—bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen—because I use it for so many different applications.

My Favorite Coconut Oil Is THIS!

Coconut oil is perfect for moisturizing the body from head to toe.

I can’t live without it… and I bet after reading this, you won’t be able to either:


I use the spray or the coconut oil straight from the jar, it just depends on what I’m making. It’s 100% better than butter or other cooking oils for sauteeing. But just remember that coconut oil doesn’t have a high smoke point, so it shouldn’t be used for frying or other high heat cooking. (Check out avocado oil for that!)

Body Nourishment

I use this daily (after I shower) to keep my skin moisturized and soft. I prefer this over any kind of lotion any day.

Shaving Cream

Using coconut oil for shaving cream?? It’s perfect because it allows the razor to easily glide but makes your skin extremely soft after. I just keep a jar in the shower for when I’m shaving and it lasts forever! You can thank me later!

Hair Mask

I wash my hair about once a week and before I do I drown my hair in coconut oil. I don’t get too crazy with the scalp bc I don’t want my hair to get greasy but I lather the ends up and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then I rinse it out in the shower and it’s sleek and shiny for the next week to come!

Styling the Girls’ Hair

Coconut oil is the ONLY way I can usually get a brush through Ariah and Mackenzie’s hair… and trust me, I’ll take all the help I can get to avoid the “tangle tears”. And since they’re so young, I try to keep their products as natural as possible—insert COCONUT OIL!

Eye Makeup Remover

I love using this for a makeup remover because it’s way less harsh on my eyes and ends up making my eyelashes really soft. I get a cotton pad and put water and coconut oil on it and just like that brush it over my eyes. So much better than some of the remover wipes I’ve tried over the years that leave my skin feeling dry.

Lip Balm

It’s the simplest, most natural form of chapstick/ lip balm… and I love it. It keeps my lips hydrated with just the smallest amount.

Preventing Stretch Marks

Hands down, I 100% swear by coconut oil or vitamin e oil for preventing any stretch marks. It was the only thing I used while pregnant and I do not have not one stretch mark!!

Lip + Body Scrubs

You know I’m all about natural as much as possible, so that’s why I make my own sugar scrubs, too. One for my lips and one separately for my body that I keep in the shower. I LOVE the way it smells and it’s great knowing that what I’m putting on my body is safe.

Recipe: brown sugar, coconut oil, and honey. Put in a bowl and mix all together to get the consistency that works best for you! Simple and effective!

Facial Moisturizer (For That Dewy Highlighter Look)

I do like to apply coconut oil to my face from time to time for that super dewy-hydrated makeup look!!! It’s my fave and the coconut oil just gives you that natural highlight in all the right areas.

What do YOU use coconut oil for? I’d love to learn some new tricks, so let me know in the comments!