Happy Wednesday once again everyone!

As you all know, we recently flew to London for a game. Flying these days—pregnant and with a toddler—is all about being practical. But of course it doesn’t hurt to throw in a little style + comfort.

Today I’m sharing my go-to look for traveling on long flights (or any flight to be honest!) The goal is simple: be as comfortable as possible when flying, especially while pregnant and traveling with a little one!

I’ve rounded up my favorite picks for loungewear and ALSO my go-to flying tips so your next trip to the airport can be comfortable, effortless, and maybe even a little fun—especially with kids!

The set I love the most is a maternity set from ASOS. It’s perfect for travel, to wear around the house or during school drop off—and I’m thinking it would be perfect for my postpartum time, as well!

Plus it’s all black… and that’s my go-to always because you can never go wrong in black! I also have this in mauve, which I actually wore flying back from London.

You can check out the maternity OR the regular set here:

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And now my tips for flying pregnant and/ or with kids…

Tips For Flying While Pregnant

  1. ALWAYS Consult With Your Doctor First (And Bring All Medical Forms Necessary)
    I believe you’re supposed to stop flying around 34-36 weeks pregnant, so this will basically be one of my last trips before having baby #2. To make sure I was doing everything the safest way possible, I got the green light to fly before leaving but since it was such a long flight—and I was going out of the country—they did recommend bringing a doctor’s note and all medical forms in my carry on bag to have handy just in case.
  2. Pack Compression Socks
    My doctor also recommended I wear compression socks the whole duration of the flight and take baby aspirin for precautionary reasons. Are they the hottest trend right now? NOPE. But they can absolutely help to keep circulation flowing and reduce blood clots, so I’ll take that over looking cute any day. For the baby aspirin, talk with your doctor for optimal dosages for your situation.
  3. Pack Lots of Snacks and Water
    Of course being pregnant you need to stay hydrated at all times but I always find that on airplanes you need to even more so! Keeps plenty of water handy or bring a water bottle to fill up after security. Don’t forget to have lots of snacks in case you get hungry on your flights or begin to feel nauseous. I keep little snacks to nibble on in my bag at all times. And hey, you may not always like what they have on flight, so why chance it?
  4. Bring Any Necessary Medication
    Like I said, my doctor recommended baby aspirin but I also made sure to bring my heartburn and nausea meds, as well. If you’re on prescription medicines, DO NOT FORGET THESE! They will be a lot harder to get at your destination than Tylenol or generic over-the-counter meds.
  5. Aim For an Aisle Seat and Don’t Be Embarrassed to Get Up to Walk
    HELLO! I know I’m not the only pregnant woman that has to pee all.the.time—and I have no plans on getting stuck by the window when I have to get up every two seconds (especially with the baby bump!)

    If you feel like you need to move around a bit, there’s nothing wrong with getting up to walk around. In fact, my doctor recommended I try to walk the aisle every hour if possible.

    (BONUS TIP: If you sit in the aisle, you can get to know the flight attendants better in case you need them at any point!)
  6. Learn More About TSA Scanners
    Do your research, talk to your doctor (are you seeing a pattern here?) and ask questions at TSA. From everything I’ve been told, it’s safe to go through all TSA scanners and metal detectors but obviously always ask when concerned.
  7. Listen to Your Body!
    At the end of the day, it always comes down to listening to your intuition. I always listen to my body and if I feel like something is a bad idea or I shouldn’t be doing it, I simply just won’t. First baby… or fifth… you’ll always have that “mother’s intuition” deep inside. Need to get up to use the bathroom? Go! Feel something’s wrong? Call your doctor. Need to take a rest? DO IT!

Tips For Flying With Children

  1. Always Get There With Enough Time to Not Rush
    I really don’t like rushing around with the stroller, through security and gate to gate. I’m a big believer that if we feel stress, then OUR KIDS feel stress and that’s no way to start a flight. So get there ahead of time so it’s smooth sailing from start to finish.
  2. Get Your Kids Excited
    Especially for younger kids, it helps to get them pumped up for your adventures by letting them know what you’re about to do together—and what you have planned for them during the flight or after.

    I love to talk Ariah up about how we’re getting on the airplane, where we’re going and who we’re going to see. We also talk about how she can be a good girl for mommy and on the plane and this usually gets her pretty ready for the plane ride.
  3. Check As Many Bags As Possible
    Trust me, you’ll want to be hands-free as much as possible when chasing kids around the airport!

    I usually only need one backpack or big tote with me after checking my bags and that helps when I’m already pushing the stroller around.
  4. Always Do a Pre-Flight Bathroom Stop
    Make time to hit the restroom so your child can go and/ or has a clean pull up/diaper before boarding the flight. Hopefully this can prevent having to take them on a sometimes nasty airplane bathroom.
  5. Don’t Try to Bring Drinks Through Security
    You already know this. You can’t take liquids through security BUT you can bring an empty water bottle with you to fill once you’re through. I usually just recommend buying drinks after going through security and always having that water bottle (or a spill-proof cup) on hand to fill.
  6. Again—Stock Up On Snacks!
    Ariah eats snacks throughout almost the entire flight until she (sometimes) falls asleep, so I bring lots from home to have on hand and buy more if needed.
  7. Bring Entertainment
    This one is major! It’s hard enough for me to sit still on the plane, so I can’t imagine how hard it is for a toddler. I always have the iPad fully charged with movies already downloaded and ready to go… but dont forget their headphones (especially because the plane ones typically don’t fit their little ears!!) I also bring a little coloring book or a small grab and go activity for her to do if it’s a long flight. Bottom line: Just be prepared to entertain them!
  8. Have a Change of Clothes
    From bathroom accidents to spills, you never know when you’ll need clothes when traveling. So while you pack everything else in your checked bags, keep one full outfit, a clean pair of underwear and extra diapers/ pull-ups in your carry-on bag.
  9. Check Your Stroller at the Gate
    It’s so much easier to push them through the airport than trying to chase them or force them to stay with you on the way to your gate. Plus you get to store your bags in or on the stroller when necessary. Every airline will let you check it right there at the gate and then you can pick it up there when you deplane. SUCH a lifesaver!
  10. Pack Strategically
    Like I said before, being super prepared is the key to success. Have everything you’ll need handy and accessible such as your phone, ID, passports, snacks, wallet, etc. Try not to be the crazy person scrambling through their bags in a pinch.
  11. Stay Calm, Breathe, and Give Yourself Some Credit
    I used to get very nervous and stressed out when flying with Ariah but what I’ve learned is that it’s best to just stay calm and go with the flow. By planning ahead and giving yourself time without rushing around, you’ll feel so much better before your next flight.

    I alway empathize with anyone flying with kids but guess what?! It will probably go A LOT smoother than you expect. You’ve got this!

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