A gorgeous black and white maternity photoshoot.

Today I am 36 weeks pregnant which means I’m finally in the home stretch of this pregnancy! I’m so ready at this point for him to be here that I’m not even that nervous like I remember being with Ariah. We’re just excited to meet him and bring him home to our family!

I asked everyone that follows me on Instagram to send me all their pregnancy and parenting questions, so today’s posts will focus on some of those! Thanks so much to everyone that reached out!

Pregnancy Q+A

Q: Did You—And Will You—Get an Epidural?
I did with Ariah when I was about 6cm because that’s when the pain was starting to become unbearable for me. I’ve never been against it and definitely plan on getting one this time around, too.

Major props to all the badass moms out there that go natural—my mom included, both times!! You are the strongest women but for me, I’m all for it… anything to ease the pain!

Q: What Is Your Favorite Christmas Tradition As a Kid That You’ll Continue With Your Kids?

My favorite tradition as a kid was my brother and I waking up super early in the morning to go see the living room completely transformed. It would go from a couple of gifts under the tree the night before to ALL the gifts that Santa brought while we were sleeping!

Seeing his cookies eaten on the table and the red water from Rudolph dipping his nose in it overnight. I know it sounds so cheesy but I want my kids to believe in Santa for as long as possible. I think it’s so cute and really makes Christmas that much more fun when you have kids!

Q: How Many Kids Do You Want?

I’ve always said I want two kids, a boy and a girl just like my mom. Lucky me, I have a bonus daughter, so I think our family will feel complete when baby boy arrives! If it happens later on and we decide for another we will… but for now, we are done and totally happy with it!

Q: What Helps You When You’re Tired But Still Have So Much to Get Done?

This has been a big struggle lately because I feel like I’m barely hanging on by a thread by 3-4 PM—and could honestly go to bed for the whole night! But, of course, I know I still have to get up and get through the evening.

I find that exercising… or should I say walking in the mornings… has really helped me stay energized and productive throughout the day. I also think that sitting down when I need to, eating the right foods, and drinking tons of water are really the only things getting me through. It truly is a struggle but some things just have to be done, right?

Q: How Did You Adjust to Being a Stepmom? Was It Hard?

Becoming a stepmom just became a natural part of my life. I knew Mike had a daughter before we ever started dating so I knew what I was getting myself into from the beginning. That said, I didn’t know the first thing about having a child, that’s for sure. I feel like it came naturally and I’ve been a part of her life since she was one-year-old so she’s pretty much grown up knowing me her whole life… and I love it!

Q: Could You Tell the Gender of the Baby Based On What Your Body Was Telling You?

They say you’re soooo sick with girls… which I was sick with Ariah… but omg, this time around with a boy I was even sicker!! It was awful. I couldn’t even go out to eat anywhere because I couldn’t stand the smell of food or see other people eating. It was crazy! So I just came to the conclusion that my body, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl, is going to be sick and nauseous.

I also feel like I’m carrying baby boy the same way as I did with Ariah. So if you ask me, it’s not about the gender of the baby that decides if you’ll be sick or not… just the woman’s body.

Q: How Are You Feeling? Any Different From Your First Pregnancy?

I’m actually feeling great right now! Now that I’m over the nausea I feel like my pregnancies are very similar: major heartburn, at the point of getting uncomfortable and I’ve gained about the same amount of weight. Well, maybe a little more this time around so we will see how they compare in size when he’s born.

Q: Do You Have Stretch Marks?

I do not have any stretch marks… YET, at least. As of right now with about four weeks left I don’t have any. I try to stay moisturized at all times and really think this helps. Some women don’t get them until like the last week—or even during labor—so who knows.

Hopefully I don’t get any but if I do I’ll be ok with that as long as my baby is happy and healthy.

Tips For Getting Ready For Baby!

Whether you’re getting ready for a new baby like me… or just getting ready to welcome a new year (Hello, 2020!)… here are some helpful tips to consider:

  1. Get all the random tasks accomplished that have been bothering you or you’ve been putting off—especially if it involves leaving the house!
  2. Get your sleep now!
  3. Get carpets and sofas cleaned.
  4. Declutter your space (especially before all the new baby gifts arrive!)
  5. Take some time for yourself.
  6. Spend as much time with your other kids as possible.
  7. Get your baby sleeping area/ room set up.
  8. Arrange for any help you’re going to need (and you will!)
  9. Wash newborn clothes/swaddles/blankets.
  10. Install car seat.
  11. And don’t forget to pack your hospital bag.

Pregnancy Must-Haves!

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