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Best Things to Buy On Amazon


If you know me, you know I buy mostly everything I own online. It’s just easier for me and I’m bound to find what I’m looking for more often online than when I’m in stores.

It’s not uncommon for people to ask, “where did you get this?”“where did you get that?!”

9 times out of 10 it’s AMAZON!!

So I thought it was a perfect time to do an Amazon favorites post of everything I love. These are things I reorder time and time again because they’re truly my favorite things, easy to order and delivered straight to my doorstep in no time!

There’s no specific category these are just things all around the board:
household, beauty, health and wellness, travel, you name it!! Oh, and PS: there’s a giveaway at the bottom… want to win an Amazon gift card to kickstart your next order? Check below for that!


Velvet Hangers
This way your clothes don’t slip off and fall all over your closet floor. Finally, they make the closet look more organized!

Milk Frother
I use this every morning to make my coffee nice and foamy on top.

Folex Carpet Spot Remover 
This stuff is pure MAGIC for cleaning rugs and furniture—it has gotten rid of every stain I’ve ever had.

Baby Play Mat 
Perfect for letting the little ones explore and play on the floor… and soft enough, they’ll actually enjoy belly time!

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors
I use these weekly to dermaplane my own face… I can’t live without these!

Tyler Glamorous Laundry Detergent
I use it for our towels & linens because it SMELLS AMAZING and LASTS FOREVER! 

Big Crystal Diamond Pens
How adorable are these diamond pens?! It doesn’t hurt that they write perfectly, too!

Jade Roller
I use this as part of my morning skincare routine to reduce puffiness—and I’m telling you, it works!

LV Designer Dupe Make Up Bags
Obsessed with these dupes!! They hold so much stuff and are of great quality. I use them for my makeup and toiletries when traveling.

Luggage Cubes
Great for keeping your clothes sorted and your suitcase organized while traveling!! I don’t go anywhere without these!

Collagen/Bone Broth Protein
So great for you!! I use these daily in my smoothies!

Never Full Purse Organizer
Ideal for keeping your purse, diaper bag or tote organized.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool
LOVE using this to clean my makeup brushes!

Tom Ford Coffee Table Book and Chanel Coffee Table Book
I am OBSESSED with these fashion coffee table books! They’re so sleek, chic, and match in almost any room!

Ariah’s iPad Case
We couldn’t live without this iPad cover! Perfect for kids no matter how many times they drop it, it will not break or crack!

Riki Mirror
THE BEST MAKEUP MIRROR EVER!!! The lighting is incredible and you can see EVERYTHING!

Collagen Peptides
I put these in my smoothies… and sometimes even in my coffee… because they’re so good for you and you don’t even know it’s there.

Keto Diet Book
This book has taught me so much about health and dieting, I honestly can’t recommend it enough. While I’m not on a Keto diet, the information and expertise of Dr. Josh Axe has been incredible to learn and adapt to my own lifestyle.

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11 thoughts on “Best Things to Buy On Amazon

  1. One of my favorite Amazon things are these soft slippers, I live in them at home…. I also love the tinkle razors! So great choice there!

  2. This is my favorite thing I’ve gotten off amazon, it’s hooked up to the mirror on my vanity and it’s phenomenal. It changes colors and brightness as well!

  3. my favorite thing right now that I’ve ordered from amazon are these resistance bands for working out!! I’ve used them so much already!!

  4. I also love the Collagen Peptide powder! It makes my joints and my hair, skin, nails feel so strong!

    1. me too!! Love them!

  5. My favorite purchase currently are the biodegradable and reusable straws that I never knew I needed! A packs of 8 is so affordable and having a toddler that likes using straws with her smoothies and drinks I feel so much better doing my part instead of constantly trying to recycle a million straws. They even come with cleaners. As I’m transitioning my kitchen to more organic and biodegradable products this was a good start! You can wait her purchase bamboo or metal, I love them!

    1. yes these are great!! I really love the silicon ones as well!

  6. My most recent obsession are the UGG slipper dupes on Amazon!! I use a stand-up desk for all my work, and the my feet used to ache so bad standing on hardwood for hours on end- truly a lifesaver!

    1. omg yes! I’m going to have to try these they look so comfy and I wear slippers alll the time!!

  7. Heyyyy Ashli One is my favorite Amazon purchases has actually been the garnish curl cream that’s a leave in conditioner my hair is a natural wave but on the day that i chose to wear it curly or just do nothing to it it gives good curls and or a wave !!

    1. Awesome thank you for the recommendation I’m always looking to try new curly hair products!!

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