Keeping kids healthy with strong immune systems.

Parents, I know that the health of your children is ALWAYS top of mind. But right now, in times like these—and especially with the kids now back to school—I thought it was a perfect time to let you in on what I do to keep my kids’ health and immune systems strong.

Because even though I took Ariah out of Pre-K this year to homeschool, it’s still so important I keep my babies as healthy as possible. The goal? Prevention!

We take our vitamins first thing every morning on an empty stomach (works for us) to make sure we’re getting the full benefits of everything followed by lots of water!

Here’s what we take (and where you can shop it!):


Vitamin D3 + K2

Probiotic (Remember, everything starts in the gut!)

Multi Vitamin

Vitamin C

Omega 3 For Kids


Other preventative measures I’m taking are…

Drinking and eating warmer/hot foods foods and drinks (aka soups and teas!)

Using wipes and hand sanitizer frequently

Eating less dairy

Getting better sleep (that’s when your body fights infection and heals!)

Using a humidifier and air purifier

WASHING our hands!

Cleaning under the nails

Getting more sunlight in the fall months (especially if living somewhere cooler!)