I can’t believe I get to say this, but… my husband is a SUPER BOWL CHAMPION!!! 

It’s still so crazy to think about! What an unbelievable ride it has been. From the moment he was drafted back in 2014 to the journey he’s been on each and every year in the NFL to witnessing every moment by his side all the way to the Super Bowl has been so incredible!

Lots of highs… some lows at times… and lots of emotions, but Mike is never one to give up. He continues to fight to the end with his whole heart & soul—such a team player and I’m sooo proud of him 🙂

The whole 2020-2021 season was hard for everyone involved, including the players, wives, kids, coaches— everyone had to navigate a difficult season of new protocols and rules. We all did what we had to do to make everything possible!! The team they have is so incredible and tight knit, so it was so awesome/ surreal to see the team… and my hubby… get what they deserve!!! 


And let’s not forget about the boat parade a couple days after!! Let’s just say it was the most epic day EVER!!! I had no idea what to expect (aka why I’m wearing Jordan’s on a boat lmao) but I didn’t let anything stop me from having the best time. Truly unforgettable! 

Since I know how much support we have from all over the world, I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos with you!! This was a moment in time that we will cherish forever!