Ashli Evans and son

Where I've Been...

Hi, you guys!!! I’m BACK with my first blog post in OVER a year!!

I know it’s been quite some time but I really needed to take that time and space for myself to fill up my own tank—mentally, physically, spiritually—and really get honest about what I want and need in many different aspects of my life.

I know I can’t be the only one but the last 18+ months have been the craziest to navigate. From lockdowns to trying to keep my family healthy to finding new ways to keep them entertained and in a happy place at home, it was just so difficult. Of course, we started new routines, and then just as we began to find a rhythm, it was time to navigate a football season… during a pandemic. It truly was unlike anything we had faced before. 

All of my time, energy, and focus was on my family to ensure everyone was taken care of at all times!

Now I’m in a place where I feel as though I’m ready to get back out there to do what’s best for my kids, husband, and myself. Lots of personal growth during this time—LOTS! More reading, more learning, more sunlight, spending time with my kids, friends, and family and truly only doing the things that matter most to me!

I will be back on here blogging more about my life. I will have this space to document the things I’m into and things going on in my life—plus my tips and tricks along the way.

My mindset is in a totally different space than it was in the previous years blogging. I want to bring more of the mindset, health, and wellness tips that I’ve learned and incorporated into my life to the table for you all! You can expect more unseen pics and just lots more content on here: more recipes, more of my lifestyle—no two days are the same around here!

PS: Since it’s been so long, I would love to hear from YOU. This blog isn’t just about my life and lessons, but about all my readers and what you guys want. So please email me or comment below what you would love to read more about.


I started this website with such high goals and now is the time to take it above and beyond!! I’m so happy to be here writing, so stay tuned for more to come 🙂