Hi everyone!!!! Omg I’m so happy to be back on the blog sharing again.

If this is your first time back in a bit, take a peek around the newly updated site. There are a few new posts—and a fresh look—so I hope you love it as much as I do! 

While I’m still working on bringing lots of great new content to the site, I wanted to take today to give a pregnancy update on baby #3—especially since I’m always getting questions on social about that.

So how about we back up a little bit? In July of 2021 I thought it was best for my health to get off birth control (the pill) and start tracking my cycle more naturally.

And yep, two months later we ended up getting pregnant!

This news took us totally by surprise because that wasn’t the plan at all, but we were so excited at the the same time! I know God always has a plan and this just so happened to be a part of ours. Still in shock, we told our families and close friends straight away. A couple of weeks after finding out I was pregnant for the third time, the first trimester symptoms started kicking in… and this time much worse than EVER before. IYKYK.

At about 8 weeks the nausea began, the food aversions hit, and I knew I was in for a long pregnancy! Not to mention it was the beginning of football season—the time when I take over and everything mostly falls on me to take care of. It was brutal to say the least, especially with two little ones running around needing all of my attention. With as sick as I was, I just knew I couldn’t manage the kids by myself anymore. Luckily I have my amazing mom and grandma who dropped everything to be there for me and the kids during this time.

The next few weeks got very bad for me as I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is a severe type of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Some days I would throw up 10-12 times, and no less than 5 times a day. It left me feeling very weak for over a month and I even lost about 18-20 pounds during that time. It got to the point that I had to seek medical attention, so I stayed in the hospital a couple of days to ensure I combated my severe dehydration with plenty of fluids, while keeping an eye on baby and I.

After that trip to the hospital I finally felt like a human again! I could finally eat a little better and only had a couple more weeks of morning sickness but nothing that severe! 

If I’m being honest with you—and I think it’s important to be—those beginning weeks caused a lot of pregnancy depression, and I didn’t always know how I was going to make it through. It was a feeling of knowing how blessed I was to be pregnant, but also wanting to give up because I felt so bad!! At about 15 weeks I finally started gaining my energy back and could actually do much more in my day. I was finally getting back to being ME.

Then at Christmas, right at half way through my pregnancy, we all tested positive for COVID-19. Luckily we only had mild symptoms. For me, I just needed lots of fluids in my body to help combat the few days of chills, lower back pain, low grade fever, and a little congestion! I only lost my taste and smell for a day or two!!

Now about to go into the third trimester, I’m starting to prepare slowly for baby’s arrival. I have not done much working out this pregnancy but I’ve started to incorporate more stretch routines and light movement each day to start preparing my body. I haven’t had many specific cravings this pregnancy and I don’t feel like I’m eating for two but definitely eating whatever I’m in the mood for! HA! Ariah can’t wait to be a big sister again and Amari still has no idea there’s even a baby in Mommy’s tummy, so it will be a shock to him seeing Mama holding a new baby 24/7. I’m making sure he’s for sure getting all his snuggles in right now!

Moral of the story: check in on the moms you know that are pregnant, recently postpartum, or even years into motherhood—you never know what someone is going through and sometimes it can feel very lonely, especially in a time when they’re supposed to feel so much joy. So anyone that’s experiencing severe sickness or depression in pregnancy, I know how you feel and you’re definitely not alone! Continue to stay positive, count your many blessings, and lean on those who love you.

Ashli Evans pregnant with baby #3.

Have you experienced Hyperemesis Gravidarum before? What other questions do you have about this pregnancy with baby #3? Ask away or let me know how you've handled difficult pregnancies in the past below.

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