Our beautiful Aliyah Nicole Evans was born on May 18th 2022 at 1:53pm weighing 8lbs 7oz.

((In case you haven’t read part of my pregnancy journey this time around you can read about it here.))

With this pregnancy, I knew I didn’t want to get induced as I really wanted her to come when she was ready! That was really important to me and in the end, I went all the way to 40 weeks + 1 day. 

Safe to say, this pregnancy definitely felt like the longest and the hardest of them all—but obviously worth every single second. Mentally and physically, though, it was just a lot for me.

So the night I was due I was just about to go to bed but I couldn’t fall asleep.

I felt a contraction at about 1 am but no pain. Still, something told me to just write down the time and to just keep timing them.

And then I got another one within 5 minutes… and another and another all within minutes apart.

This happened for like two hours, so obviously no sleep that night. Again, something told me to go ahead and get up to shower and finish my last minute packing. I woke Mike up at about 3 am and let him know it was time to head to the hospital!

Mind you I’m still in NO pain—just consistent contractions and tightening.

We get to the hospital and they check to see how dilated I am which ended up being already 6cm—so I was definitely having a baby at that point, ha! All of the nurses were so surprised to see me up and walking around my room in no pain at all at 6cm. Many of them kept saying how impressed they were and that they don’t see that happen often!!

image.jpeg (1)

As much as I wanted to try to go natural with no epidural in the moment, I decided to go ahead and get one knowing it would take them about an hour just to get to the room.

Ultimately, I just really wanted a peaceful labor and birth so I decided to get it before I felt any pain at all!

While I was having a really smooth labor, the doctor actually decided to break my water at about 11:30 am. And after that things started to progress super fast! I began pushing about an hour or so later and she was here shortly after!

Laboring and pushing were not bad up until the very end, when we discovered Aliyah had shoulder dystocia, which caused her to be stuck!

It felt so brutal and traumatic in the moment, as the doctor and nurses worked to get her out—but all that matters is that her and I were both ok and she was healthy!

And she’s definitely healthy—weighing in at a whole 8 pounds, 7 ounces!! I still can’t believe how big she was and how she fit inside my body, ha!

image.jpeg (2)

We are all so obsessed her.

She’s been here just over a month now and she’s been the easiest, sleepiest baby, usually only waking to eat! She has the best big siblings who love her sooo much!

I’m finally starting to recover and slowly feeling like myself again. We have a full house now and are embracing and loving every moment of chaos that brings!! I feel so lucky and blessed to have all of my happy, healthy babies!!