Hi, I’m Ashli Evans…

I’m 27 years old, born and raised in Texas, and mother to my two babies, Ariah and Amari, plus my bonus daughter Mackenzie. I’m also the wife to Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl LV Champ, Mike Evans. (You can read about our love story and wedding here.)

I currently balance our life between Texas in the off season and Florida during the season—and everything in between. Taking care of the kids, travels, family/life planning, house managing, master packing, the list goes on.
I am Vice President of the Mike Evans Family Foundation where our goal is to help as many children and families as we possibly can through scholarships and giving back to our communities. Our foundation means everything to us and we are continuously trying to grow and build a better future for our youth. Please follow along on our journey by clicking here.

Since I am a woman of many different hats in my day to day life, I wanted this space to be a place where you get to know me better… and I get to share ALL the things that make me, well ME! From motherhood to my travels, to my health and fitness journey, and my keys to mastering a good mindset and perspective—it’s all here. I also happen to be a shopaholic (always have been) so I love having the opportunity to share my favorite fashion finds. Whether it’s getting dressed up our date nights or attending an event, I have fun putting my spin on today’s trends! But I’m also a major homebody and LOVE my loungewear just as much! You can shop my favorite things here.

So wherever you are on your life path I hope this blog gives you lots of inspo to incorporate into your own lifestyle!!