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Currently OBSESSED: 8 Beauty Products You Need For Spring

8 Beauty Products Every Woman Needs For Spring


I do this mask a couple of nights each week to make my skin super soft and smooth. Unlike other products, it’s not harsh on the skin. It has a gritty texture for a light exfoliation and just overall makes my face feel refreshed after using it. And bonus if you like the scent of pumpkin… it smells delicious!


I love this moisturizer especially for daytime use because it’s super hydrating so I know it’s helping my skin throughout the day. Again, the scent is incredible… it smells like fresh oranges (Hello, Vitamin C!)
I use it right before applying my makeup for a fresh glow all day long!


OMG… obsessed with this right now! The weather is FINALLY warming up and it’s time to break out the tank tops + shorts, so if you’re looking to get tan super quick—with NO mess—then you NEED this!

Seriously, it’ll make you look like a bronze goddess.

I just exfoliate in the shower at night and then apply this before I go to sleep. When I wake up I have the best, even + natural brown glow… and I love it!! I do it about once a week right now.


I have been using this daily for about a month now. Even without getting a lot of sun, it gives my face great color for a natural daytime look. I love that I can have this glow while still protecting my skin.


Who doesn’t love an all-in-one palette you can use for different things: highlight, contour, and blush? So far, all of the shades have seemed to work great for me, so I definitely plan to keep using this all spring and summer long!


I don’t want to sound dramatic, bbuutttthis mask is life changing. I actually look forward to using this once a week.

It tightens the skin and completely shrinks your pores while resurfacing your skin at the same time. I highly recommend it if you’re not one to get facials on a regular basis (or at all!) It’s like a mini facial at home (and PS: using the Marula oil after is key!)

I love this stuff!


I can’t live without this bronzer. I use it literally every time I wear makeup to bronze my whole face, as well as my go-to crease color for my eyelids. I found this over a year ago and have never looked back!


For whatever reason, I have super chapped lips, so I’m ALWAYS applying—and reapplying—chapstick. Now, I just keep this with me everywhere I go because it works so well! I love this lip mask because it’s super hydrating for my lips but not sticky like some others I’ve tried. Especially if you exfoliate your lips first and then apply this, your lips will be oh, so soft!!

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Summertime Swimwear

Happy Friday Everyone!

As some of you may know (if you’re following me on Instagram) I just returned from the best girls trip yet!

We went to Turks and Caicos and let me just say it was so amazing and literally the most beautiful beach I’ve ever traveled to <<— but I’m saving that for my next post!

Today is all about my favorite one-piece swimwear!

I’m really loving one pieces right now and feel like they’re doing more for my body than a two piece.

Plus, they just seem way cuter than bikinis this season anyway!

So today I rounded up a whole bunch of my favorite one-piece swimsuits under $100 (And, yes, some of these I definitely wore on vacation last week!)

Ready to find super cute… and sometimes sexyone-pieces that will help you rock the summertime vibes? Shop my style below 👇🏽

One-Pieces That WOW!